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Areas Social action Youth More than 400 turn out for Formentera's summer offer of sports camps and day programmes

More than 400 turn out for Formentera's summer offer of sports camps and day programmes

foto escola estiu 2018 4The Formentera Council's youth services department announces the start of the island's 2018 summer school today, a programme scheduled to continue through the month of August at three local schools—Mestre Lluís Andreu, and in Sant Ferran and la Mola. One hundred forty children are signed up to take part in this year's programme, which is overseen by a 21-member team of professional youth workers and a programme director.

Activities are geared towards children aged three to twelve born between 2006 and 2014, and run weekdays from 9.00am to 2.00pm (8.00am early start is available). Kids can choose from a range of activities during the two-month programme, including arts and crafts, fitness, games, music, dance, theatre and cooking. Outings to the beach are also organised, as well as an additional swimming unit.

In the words of social welfare chief Vanessa Parellada, the programme is about “offering a fun, educational space for young children in summer where they can learn to use their free time wisely and engage in 'smart play'”. She said the schools were conceived as a leg-up for islanders juggling both work and a family, and daycare needs as one factor of the island's high rate of employment.

Sports camps
The Council's sports office has taken the lead in coordinating two sports camps as well, part of a bid to offer families a diverse array of summertime options. The synchronised swimming camp is aimed at children aged five to fifteen. This year 87 local kids have signed up to join in an assortment of activities ranging from acrosport and motor skills-boosting play to dance, theatre and swimming (both traditional and synchronised). The programme, which ends just before the normal academic year starts, is staffed by eight youth workers and a volunteer aide.

The Council also organises an athletics camp, and fifty children between the ages of three and six are set to get in on the fun. They will take part in a multitude of activities, including arts and crafts, recreational swim, healthy lifestyles, plastic arts and play that is specially-tuned to foment motor skills. Winding down in late August, the programme is managed by four youth workers and one lifeguard.

A number of the island's sports clubs will put on summer programmes, too, with additional support provided by the Council. The team at this summer's basketball camp propose activities to 54 kids aged four to twelve, and tennis and padel camps (with enrolment at 35 and 12, respectively) exist for kids from five to 16.

New this year is a football camp, in which forty youngsters (ages six to 16) have signed up to take part.


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