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Areas Social action Youth Formentera pupils join seventh 'children's' parliament'

Formentera pupils join seventh 'children's' parliament'

foto parlament infantil 2The youth office of the Formentera Council reports three local pupils took part this Monday in the seventh session of the Balearic Islands' Parlament Infantil, or Parliament for Kids.

Kiara Berazategui (Mestre Lluís Andreu), Mario Romero (El Pilar de la Mola) and Adora Tur (Sant Ferran) from Formentera's own youth participatory council travelled to Mallorca, not only to talk about the proposals they brought on behalf of their peers back home, but to work with other young people from the region to prepare a document called a “peace vaccine”.

“Vacuna de pau i bon tracte”

The document, whose full title is “Peace vaccine and pledge of good deeds against violence of all kinds”, includes a dozen suggestions about how to combat the virus of violence—everything from ending wars and regulating the sale and manufacture of weapons to introducing peace education and conflict resolution in school and the importance of levelling societal differences by eliminating hierarchy.

Parlament Infantil takes place once a year in observance of Universal Children's Day and is organised by the Balearic Parlament, the Office of the Defence of the Rights of Minors (ODDM) and the UNICEF committee for the Balearics.

Parlament reaffirms its commitment to supporting organisations and actions which promote awareness about the problems facing children around the world. In so doing, the legislative body seeks to enliven the ongoing debate and create a space where the issues that affect children can be addressed, and this in such a way as to foster aptitudes and attitudes essential to citizen participation and help children interiorise messages of sustainability, ecology and appreciation for their surroundings.

Session video:  https://youtu.be/XmxMSGupTlo


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