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Areas Social action Culture and Historical Heritage First open call for family 'coproductions'

First open call for family 'coproductions'

The Formentera Council department of culture announces the start of a call for family-inclusive “coproductions”, marking the first across a recently formed network for stage production proposals tailored to family audiences.

The network's member entities include the Formentera Council, Teatre Principal in Palma, Maó's Teatre Principal foundation, Institut d'Estudis Baleàrics, the Eivissa council, Ajuntament de Santa Eulària and Balearic youth theatre initiative Sa Xerxa.

The object is selection of a proposal in performing-arts coproductions across the network during the 2019-2020 season. Productions must keep budgets below €60,000 (taxes included) to be eligible. Network members' contributions to projects will vary based on budget resources and project needs.

The new system of “comanagement” turns on an optimised use of members' human, financial and structural resources to fund the chosen artistic endeavour from the beginning of the creative process to formation of the operational plan and on through to end distribution. Application terms are available here.

For people and businesses
The call is open to “natural persons” (freelance artists and entrepreneurs) and public or private legal entities (companies, foundations, associations, festivals, etc...) domiciled in the Balearics or non-resident natives of the region meet the terms. These also dictate the documents requested on submission.

The winning project will be picked by an evaluation committee made up of the artistic directors of the seven member institutions of the network. To evaluate proposals, the commission will look at projects' cultural appeal, strategic interest, budget and economic viability, the trajectory of the artistic team applying and exhibition possibilities. The deadline for project presentations is March 2.

Questions? Contact the CiF's àrea de Cultura: 971 32 12 75 ext. 13 or 678 007 261.

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