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Primera visita institucional de la consellera d’Agricultura a Formentera

foto-visita-bassa-de-reg-1-1La presidenta del Consell de Formentera, Alejandra Ferrer i la consellera d’Agricultura del Govern, Mae de la Concha, han visitat avui la bassa de reg de Formentera. A l’acte també han assistit els consellers insulars de Medi Ambient, Antonio J. Sanz, i de Sector Primari, Josep Marí, el director general d’Agricultura, Gabriel Torrens, la directora general de Recursos Hídrics, Joana Garau i el director gerent d’Abaqua, Guillem Rosselló.

La presidenta ha agraït aquesta primera visita institucional per part de la consellera durant aquesta legislatura. “El correcte funcionament de la bassa de reg és molt necessari per Formentera perquè serveix per tancar el cicle de l’aigua”, segons ha explicat Alejandra Ferrer. Per part seva, la consellera d’Agricultura del Govern ha destacat que han reservat una partida de 94.000€ en els pressupostos de 2020 per fer possible que l’aigua que arribarà als camps sigui de qualitat.

Ampliació de l’Edar
A la trobada també s’ha parlat sobre el projecte per fer arribar el sanejament as Ca Marí o la millora del bombeig d’aigües residuals des Pujols. A més, el gerent d’Abaqua ha explicat que faran una ampliació de l’Edar, l’Estació de Depuració d’Aigües Residuals, en 3.500 metres cúbics, que ajudarà a la incorporació del tractament de les aigües residuals que arribaran des Ca Marí. Totes aquestes mesures en conjunt han de fer possible el correcte funcionament de les infraestructures, i així garantir que l’aigua que arribi tant als camps, com als emissaris, sigui neta i així es tanqui el cicle de l’aigua correctament.

La presidenta ha recordat que tenir aigua de qualitat és vital per completar l’aposta que s’ha fet des del Consell de Formentera per impulsar el sector agrari a l’illa, des de la reactivació de la Cooperativa del Camp a partir de l’any 2010 i la creació del Cens de Terres de Cultiu a l’any 2015. “Amb aquest projecte moltes terres que estaven sense conrear han estat cedides a la Cooperativa, de manera gratuïta, per ser cultivades, i així mantenir el paisatge tradicional de la nostra illa i reactivar el camp”, segons ha conclòs Alejandra Ferrer.

29 de gener de 2020
Àrea de Comunicació
Consell de Formentera

Formentera doubles free courses for island’s agrarian and livestock sector

cursos-agricultura-2020 v21Formentera’s agriculture office reports that January marks the start of a fresh crop of free courses for the island’s agricultural and livestock sector. 2020 comes with a total of nine courses—twice as many as the previous year. Enrolment is open now and can be completed at the Citizen Information Office (OAC) or online on the OVAC.

The first course on the list covers rudimentary learning for individuals who use plant health products at their places of work. Twenty-five hours of instruction will unfold from 20-25 January and give participants access to a basic phytosanitary product handlers’ permit.

And a special refresher course exists for individuals with more than ten years of on-the-job experience using plant protection products. It lasts 12 hours and takes place from 28-30 January.

The other courses are as follows:
· 27 January: Horticultural Planning (4 hours)
· 13 February: Growing fruit trees on Formentera (4)
· 18 February: Best hygiene practices in ag production (3)
· 24 February: Olive oil production (3)
· 25 February: Growing olive trees on Formentera (4)
· 29 February: Integrated management of Xylella fastidiosa (5)
· 19 March: Managing crop irrigation (4)

Highlighting a course on olive oil extraction, agriculture councillor Josep Marí drew attention to an expanding body of courses aimed at meeting the requests of local plant and livestock farmers. “There’s growing interest in training among islanders in agrarian trades”, said Marí, asserting: “Recovering our countryside is key for our administration”.

The retooled 2020 course catalogue comes with some familiar names, like integrated management of Xylella fastidiosa, and there is also a brand-new course on managing agricultural irrigation with Formentera’s still inactive irrigation pond.

14 January 2020
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Formentera activates push to tackle trichinosis

3--cartell-campanya-triquina-21This Friday, 1 November, the Consell de Formentera agriculture office will begin its rollout of measures to stem the spread of trichinosis. Scheduled to run through 30 March 2020, the provisions are aimed at containing a parasite-driven sickness that humans can contract by eating raw or undercooked pork, boar, horse and sausage such as sobrassada which hasn’t undergone thermic treatment. To eliminate the parasite, pork from traditional hog slaughters must be tested. Interested islanders should contact Formentera’s office of agriculture, located at Centre Gabrielet in Sant Francesc, or by phoning 971.321.087, extension 3164. Department staff will provide material and instructions for collecting samples to ensure that food can be safely consumed without endangering human health.

29 October 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Open enrolment for kids’ vegetable patch workshop

foto-hort-infantil1The Consell de Formentera primary sector department reports that beginning Monday 14 October, islanders can register their young ones to participate in the children’s vegetable patch course. The classes are geared toward ages 4 to 12 and will be held Saturday mornings, from 26 October to 20 June. Signups will happen at the Citizen’s Information Office (OAC) and the office’s virtual platform (OVAC).

As primary sector councillor Josep Marí pointed out, the course, led by specialist Lorna Hernández, has two objectives at its core: “to foment earth-smart and traditional methods of working the land, and develop respect for classmates and the natural world”.

Workshops will play out at the children's vegetable patch, or Hort Infantil, located near Sa Tanca Vella chapel in Sant Francesc. Two groups will be formed: one for kids aged 4 to 7 that meets Saturdays from 10.00am to 11.45am, and another for children aged 8 to 12 from 12.15pm to 2.00pm. The classes are free.

10 October 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Formentera lends hand to local livestock farmers squeezed by drought

foto-ajudes-ramadersThe Consell de Formentera's rural environment office reports that the Farmers' Co-op (Cooperativa del Camp) will give local livestock farmers 28 tonnes of sheep and goat feed and three thousand kilos of barley flour for pigs. The Cooperativa will also distribute packs of fodder.

Primary sector councillor Josep Marí described the help as a way to ease the effects of this year's drought, and made assurances that island livestock farmers could expect to see similar assistance any time that crops used as animal feed are affected by drought.

All those interested in applying for the aid should visit the Cooperativa's industrial space with their “livestock card” (cartilla ramadera) Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 2.00pm; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 4.30pm to 7.30pm; and Saturdays from 9.00am to 1.00pm. Help packages will be calculated based on how many head of livestock farmer have; one bag of grain (oat/barley), one bag of feed or two sacks of forage per breeding animal. A total of 948 head of sheep, goat and pig are registered on the island of Formentera.

25 September 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

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