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Els joves de Formentera celebren les festes de Nadal

foto xii019 casal 2El Consell de Formentera, a través de l’àrea de Joventut, ha presentat avui la programació prevista per aquest mes de desembre al Casal de Joves. La pròxima activitat serà aquest dissabte 7 de desembre a les 17h quan es farà un circuit de força cal·listènia que comptarà amb l’exhibició de Lenny Muller.

Com és habitual el dimecres 11 de desembre per la tarda hi haurà una sessió de cinema al Casal, on els joves veuen una pel·lícula com si estiguessin a ca seva, seguts al sofà i degustant unes crispetes. I ja endinsats dins la celebració de les festes el divendres 13 de desembre i el dissabte 14 de desembre faran a partir de les 18h de la tarda uns tallers de decoració nadalenca. La consellera de Joventut, Vanessa Parellada, ha explicat que “amb aquesta programació es donen opcions d’oci als més joves de Formentera, a la vegada que poden gaudir d’aquestes dates tan especials”.

Joves i festes
Els joves també viuran en primera persona la visita dels patges reials als centres educatius el dimecres 18 de desembre i el dijous 19 de desembre. A més, el divendres 20 de desembre es tornaran a sumar a les marxes de Fridays for Future, aquesta mostra de dansa urbana es farà a la plaça de la Constitució de Sant Francesc a partir de les 16h. I el dissabte 28 de desembre els joves faran creps de fajol amb crema de cacau casolana a partir de les 18h al Casal.

A més, com cada any el Diverespai arribarà a Formentera el pròxim dissabte 14 de desembre i estarà instal·lat al poliesportiu de l’IES Marc Ferrer fins al 18 de desembre. Consisteix en un muntatge d'activitats i jocs inflables dirigits a infants i joves que durant uns dies poden visitar el mòdul esportiu per gaudir de les activitats.

L’horari de visita serà de 9.30h a les 13.30h i per la tarda de 16h a les 20h (excepte el dia 18 que es tancarà a les 19h). “Aquesta és una de les activitats més esperades per moltes nenes i nens de Formentera i en la que esperem puguin passar molt bones estones”, segons ha destacat la consellera.

5 de desembre de 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Consell de Formentera

Formentera plays host to first gathering of commission on water this legislative term

foto-juntaaiguesjpThe environment and rural offices of the Consell de Formentera report that this afternoon, following a call from the Balearic government, members of the Island Waters Junta (Junta Insular d'Aigües) met for their first gathering of the legislative term.

Regional environment and territory minister, Miquel Mir, and the director-general of water resources, Joana Garau, chaired the meeting, which also saw the attendance of local environment and rural councillors Antonio J Sanz and Josep Marí as well as representatives from environmental groups, farmers and users of local irrigation and urban water grids.

Garau gave attendees an overview of the first part of a modified Balearic Water Plan (PHIB) for 2021-2027. Minister Garau pointed out that the document is currently available for public viewing, and encouraged administrations, industry actors and regular islanders to review it.

“Responsibility here cuts across the different administrations that are involved” said Garau, “and we can’t just be talking about the quantity of dessalinated water on each island —and Formentera’s no isolated case— but whether we can be storing it to satisfy local water needs throughout the year”.

For his part, Conseller Sanz said he hoped the gathering would facilitate discussion around “issues at both the dessalination plant and irrigation pond, so our two sister administrations can get to work finding solutions”.

4 December 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Athletics and skating at 41st John Tunks Memorial Mini-Marathon this Friday

sortida-cursa1The Formentera sports department reports that the 41st John Tunks Memorial Mini-Marathon will be held this Friday, 6 December, at 10.30am. Organised by Espalmador Sport Group and the Consell de Formentera, the trial consists of two events: athletics and skating. The athletics portion —one of the longest-running in the archipelago— appears in the Athletics Federation of the Balearic Islands’ (FAIB) calendar of sporting events.

While there is a limit on the number of entries that can be accepted, the trials are open to all.

Start times are as follows:
-10.30am (John Tunks Memorial Mini-Marathon; 12K run with corresponding 12K categories)
-10.40am (Skating race, single category)
-Approx. 11.10am (Skaters under 16; Sant Ferran to Sant Francesc)

Roughly 80 individuals have signed up to date, and registration can also be completed on site, at Plaça de la Constitució in Sant Francesc, until 9.30am the day of the event. Signups are free for individuals under SUB 18.

Participants from outside the island will have access to a free shuttle service from La Savina harbour to the starting line in Sant Francesc and back to La Savina.

Roads will be closed to vehicle traffic wherever events take place. The following stretches of road will be closed from 10.30am to 12.30pm: PM 820 between La Savina (PM 820-2 juncture), Sant Francesc and Sant Ferran (first roundabout), and PM 820-2 La Savina-Es Pujols-Sant Ferran.

4 December 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Formentera seeks Madrid’s help in getting ahead of Sustainable Development Goals

reunio---presidenta-senador1Formentera’s president Alejandra Ferrer sat down today with the Balearic Islands’ representative in the Senate, José Vicente Marí Bosó, at the head offices of local government. The president thanked the Balearic senator for his visit and seized the opportunity to impress on him the island’s principal appeals in the hope Marí Bosó convey them to the government in Madrid.

Much of the talk at the gathering centred on climate change. “We spoke about asking the central government to lend local administrations a hand so we can make real progress on the Sustainable Development Goals”, explained Ferrer.

Highways agreement
Another topic to receive attention was the importance of striking a new highways agreement, or conveni de carreteres, between Formentera and Madrid. “Formentera's is the only Balearic council that made the investment, paid its bill and accounted for the expenditure”, noted Marí Bosó. “So we'll be encouraging our counterparts in Madrid to move quickly on the new agreement, and reminding the Ministry of Development that those who follow the rules need to be rewarded for it”.

The president also called Marí Bosó’s attention to the fact Formentera lacks its own senator. Other issues raised included the importance of developing the Spanish Coastal Law on Formentera — “just as long”, added Ferrer, “as we defend the rights of the landowners who are most affected by it”. Sea and air travel discounts for islanders and freight featured among the other points on President Ferrer’s agenda, “not to mention maintaining air connections in the wake of the Air Europa and Iberia merger”.

Senator Marí Bosó made assurances he would advocate for including Formentera’s needs around public investment —as well as water purification upgrades and subsidised waste transport costs— in the spending plans of the central government.

4 December 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

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