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Formentera urges Govern to facilitate simple, flat-rate PCR testing

In a letter sent today from Consell de Formentera president Alejandra Ferrer to Balearic premiere Francina Armengol, the island’s leader in chief voiced concern over a nascent global trend, witnessed in countries like UK and Italy, towards requiring travellers from Spain to quarantine or perform similar measures, along with the toll such policies stand to take on tourism.

“From day one we’ve been calling for discussions to build worldwide consensus around a system of safe mobility”, said President Ferrer, who said such a move would afford “mutual protection” between countries.

Given such consensus has yet to materialise and in view of the growing list of countries which have applied restrictions to individuals travelling from Spain, Ferrer proposed a response which, “in addition to keeping us safe from covid-19, keeps Spain competitive with other markets”. Among the measures put forth by the president, one in particular is key, and accounts for the recent impulse among visitors’ home countries to oblige returning travellers to submit to testing or face mandatory quarantines. Ferrer trumpeted the idea of facilitating quick, easy and price-fixed PCR testing for all tourists preparing to return to their home countries. “It would guarantee that insurmountable obstacles don’t get in the way of travellers keen to visit our island”, she said.

Ferrer added that such a testing scheme, if applied nationwide to all visitors to the Balearics, would mean perfecting the idea of “safe corridors”, based on partner countries’ commitment to facilitate safe arrivals for travellers who’ve already been PCR tested or, failing that, submitting them to testing on their return. “We could then focus our efforts on becoming a truly safe destination for global and domestic tourism”, she said.

14 August 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Aiming for eco-awareness, new Casal de Joves mural reminds islanders to ‘respect nature’

foto 2020 mural casal jovesThe Formentera Department of Youth reports that local resident Viking Fader has emblazoned the wall opposite the Casal de Joves facade with a mural under the tagline “RESPECT NATURE”. From today, Friday 14 August, the piece will be illuminated every night until one a.m.

Viking Fader said the goal of the piece was to promote environmental artistic practices capable of merging skill acquisition, awareness and active involvement in environmental solutions and outreach.

Users of the island’s youth drop-in centre pitched in too, lending a hand with creative tasks involved in fashioning the mural’s lower section. The artist described the initiative as part of an effort to “build interest, awareness and team spirit around ecological engagement”.

14 August 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

In bid to limit crowding at beach, Formentera restricts access to Ses Illetes

foto 2020 illetes tancadaAt approximately 12.30pm today the Formentera Departments of Mobility and Interior ordered the closure of access to Ses Illetes beach in Ses Salines natural reserve. Implemented just as numbers of beachgoers peaked, the measure aimed to prevent overcrowding and facilitate compliance with safety measures related to covid-19.

Public transport, taxis, pedestrians and cyclists were blocked from entering the park as well. “In terms of the summer tourist season, this is our apex”, said interior chief Josep Marí, who told islanders to expect similar measures tomorrow (Friday) and at the weekend.

Marí explained that when the number of beachgoers reaches a given red line, Ibifor, which manages car parks at Ses Salines, has been advised to contact the Formentera Local Police, who will then close access to Ses Illetes to private vehicles, public transport, pedestrians and cyclists.

Staff began a controlled reopening of the beach shortly after 3.00pm today, when crowds had thinned out significantly and left sufficient space for safe physical distancing.

As crowds surge again this summer, the local Guardia Civil and the force’s traffic unit will assist Formentera Local Police assuring public safety. Assuming access isn’t restricted wholesale, daily bus trips to the area will go from seven to four.

13 August 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Ajuntament Vell exhibition space welcomes Marià Castelló’s “Fragments d’Arquitectura”

cartell 2020 fragments arquitectura 2From 7.00pm on Monday 17 August, Marià Castelló’s Fragments d’Arquitectura will begin a two-week run at the Sala d’Exposicions—Ajuntament Vell. Save for a weekly closure on Sundays and Monday mornings, the display will be open for daily visits from 11.00am to 2.00pm and 7.00pm to 9.00pm.

Castelló describes the project as a reflection on local architecture revelatory of a particular relationship between shelter and buildings in general—“considerations which are hard to appreciate without the analytical help afforded by cross-sectioning”, he asserts. “Fragments d’Arquitectura can additionally be seen as a collection of sculptures that repurpose the geometrical proportions of original buildings — even at the risk of abstraction: we’re seeing things that neither photos nor on-site visits can show”.

13 August 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

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